The Supervisor called the regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors to order at 5:00 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Those present at the meeting were as follows:

Kevin Carter, Chairman                    Greg Geyer, Supervisor

Randall Parrett, Supervisor               Misty Dittman, Sec/Treas                 

Don Gawelski, WWTP                        Dave Neill, The EADS Group

Ed Stoner                                        Roger Fitzgerald

Dan Zimmerman                              Gary McCanna

Jackie Blose                            Jim Hoffman

Sgt. Brian Dolan, PSP

Mr. Geyer made a motion to approve the minutes of the regular meeting held September 4, 2018.  Mr. Parrett seconded the motion; motion carried, 3-0.

Mr. Geyer made a motion to accept the report of the Treasurer, transfer funds to Payroll and pay the bills as listed.  Mr. Parrett seconded the motion; motion carried, 3-0.


Sgt. Brian Dolan, PSP, introduced himself and stated he will be attending meetings when available.  He discussed needs in town for the State Police and any concerns the Township may have.

Mr. Gawelski, WWTP, reported work completed at the plant.  He reported the PLC upgrade has begun as well as other electrical repairs.  Rankin & Son have not been back yet to fix previous work at the WWTP, but will be when it’s drier.

Mr. Stoner reported permits have been issued and he is following up on some. 

Mr. Neill, The EADS Group, presented his report.  North Rock Construction has pay request for $32,667.75.  Mr. Geyer made a motion to approve the pay request.  Mr. Parrett seconded the motion; motion carried, 3-0.  Mr. Neill also discussed the trail grant and reported the CDBG had been submitted.


The notice of Liquid Fuels for 2019 and a well permit were received.  Also reviewed were letters from Northwest Soil Services.


Mr. Parrett made a motion to accept engineering agreement for the trail and hub grant.  Mr. Carter seconded the motion; motion carried, 3-0.

Information on civil action hearings was presented to the Board.


The August 2018 WWTP report was reviewed.

Building permits were reviewed.

Mr. Carter made a motion to approve an excess maintenance agreement.  Mr. Parrett seconded the motion; motion carried, 3-0.

Employee leave requests were approved.

Mr. Geyer made a motion for The EADS Group to do the work on the NPDES Permit renewal.  Mr. Carter seconded the motion; motion carried, 3-0.

The Board reviewed a quote from Ehrlich to spray the weeds on the trail.  They’ll have it done in the spring.

The Board also discussed a new fire hydrant on Roses Road and a culvert pipe at the VFW.  Both will be reviewed.


Mr. Dan Zimmerman reported a washout by the spring on Gilfoyle Road. 

Ms. Jackie Blose asked again about the property stakes North Rock Construction removed.  They will be replacing those after fixing the yard.

Mr. Gary McCanna discussed his cellar storm water drain.  Concerned it hasn’t been connected to the new pipes.  Mr. Carter will meet with him in the morning and they’ll figure how to get it connected.

Mr. Roger Fitzgerald commented on Mr. McCanna’s pipe issues and apologized for his behavior in commenting.  He said the paving work on Birch Street was well done. He discussed the grooming of trees on West Spruce Street and the need for removal of the old trailer on Old Route 899.

Mr. Jim Hoffman discussed speed limit signs on Greeley Farm Road.  The Supervisors will look into installing a hidden driveway sign with a 25 mph sign below.

Mr. Ed Stoner asked about a speed study on Route 66 by the Dollar General.  The State would be responsible for that.

The Treasurer provided the following balances:

         Trust Fund- Northwest Savings Bank                   $ 864,736.81

         General Fund                                   439,902.46

Payroll Account                                                      34,481.48

Sinking Fund                                                     1,349,752.02

State Checking Account                                               262.07

State Savings Account                                          180,124.33

Fire Protection Account                                           82,750.25

The Chairman adjourned the meeting at 6:15 pm.