The Supervisor called the regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors to order at 5:00 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Those present at the meeting were as follows:

Kevin Carter, Chairman
Gregory Geyer, Supervisor
Misty Dittman, Sec/Treas
Don Gawelski, WWTP
Ed Stoner Dave Neill, The EADS Group
Dan Zimmerman
Jackie Blose
Karla Patterson
Rob Patterson

Mr. Geyer made a motion to approve the minutes of the regular meeting held May 7, 2018. Mr. Carter seconded the motion; motion carried, 2-0.

Mr. Geyer made a motion to accept the report of the Treasurer, transfer funds to Payroll and pay the bills as listed. Mr. Carter seconded the motion; motion carried, 2-0.


Mr. Neill, The EADS Group, presented his monthly report. All projects and grants are moving ahead. The sidewalk is mostly finished. The trail project and storm water project still need some final work.

Mr. Gawelski, WWTP, reported work completed at the plant. He discussed the I & I problems and also that there are air release valves that need replaced. Mr. Geyer made a motion to purchase 3 new air release valves. Mr. Carter seconded the motion; motion carried, 2-0.

Mr. Stoner reported 7 building permits were issued, with 3 pending. He is also following up on letters Keith had left. Mr. Stoner will be meeting with Donna Zofcin to discuss permit process.


A violation letter to a property owner from Northwest Soil Services was reviewed. Letters from the Marienville Area Library, a SCI Forest inmate and PennDot regarding the TA Set-Aside grant were reviewed. Well permits were received. The PSATS news bulletin was received.


Property maintenance letters were reviewed and will be forwarded to Terry Heeter.


The April 2018 WWTP report was reviewed.

Mr. Geyer made a motion to accept Christy Snyder’s resignation. Mr. Carter seconded the motion; motion carried, 2-0.

Mr. Carter made a motion to appoint Randall Parrett as Supervisor. Mr. Geyer seconded the motion; motion carried, 2-0.

Building permits were reviewed.

PA Wilds is scheduled for June 15, 2018 at MACA.

An employment application was received.

Employee leave requests were approved.


Ms. Jackie Blose discussed a community calendar and how helpful one would be so that different groups are scheduling activities on the same days. She asked if the Township would send a letter to the Business Alliance asking them to do a calendar if the Township would not do it. Ms. Blose made a complaint about a rental property’s garbage. A letter will be sent to the owner.

Mr. Rob Patterson discussed the storm water problem on his property. The engineer will look at the pipe and make sure a larger pipe will fix the problem. The Township will purchase the pipe, but Patterson’s will be responsible to install.

Mr. Ed Stoner reported the Memorial Day yard sales did well.

The Treasurer provided the following balances:

Trust Fund- Northwest Savings Bank $ 864,287.43
General Fund $405,583.09
Payroll Account $18,303.49
Sinking Fund $1,689,189.48
State Checking Account $644.37
State Savings Account $182,104.09
Fire Protection Account $80,317.69

The Chairman adjourned the meeting at 5:55 pm.