Jenks Township Minutes

June 3, 2019

The Supervisor called the reorganization and regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors to order at 5:00 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Those present at the meeting were as follows:

Kevin Carter, Chairman
Randall Parrett, Supervisor              
Greg Geyer, Supervisor
Misty Dittman, Sec/Treas                 
Ed Stoner
Dave Neill, The EADS Group
Dan Zimmerman
John Shoup
John Baughman
Jim Hoffmann
Robin Lankard
Scott Dittman
Norman Wagner
Ken Anderson
Amber DelTorre
John Anderson

Mr. Geyer made a motion to approve the minutes of the regular meeting held May 6, 2019.  Mr. Parrett seconded the motion; motion carried, 3-0.

Mr. Parrett made a motion to accept the report of the Treasurer and pay the bills as listed.  Mr. Geyer seconded the motion; motion carried, 3-0.


Mr. Norm Wagner discussed a driveway problem along Beaver Meadows Road and Palomino Lane.  The Township will look at it and put in millings or hot patch it.

Mr. Scott Dittman reported work completed in May including lighting upgrades.  A written report was presented.

Mr. Dave Neill, The EADS Group, presented a report.  He discussed the ARC application is under USDA review and also the tentative let date for the Trail project is June 2019.

Mr. Stoner discussed the Kuhl property and the Supervisors will give another extension to the end of June to have the garage demolished.  Letters will be sent to a couple of properties regarding obtaining building permits and junk cars.


Notice of Forestry funds and the PSATS news bulletin were received.


Mr. Geyer made a motion to approve summer employee Logan Songer.  Mr. Carter seconded the motion; motion carried, 3-0.

Mr. Geyer made a motion to approve the building permits.  Mr. Parrett seconded the motion; motion carried, 3-0.

Mr. Carter made a motion to the bid from Cyphert’s Tree Service.  Mr. Geyer seconded the motion, Mr. Parrett abstained; motion carried, 3-0.

The April 2019 WWTP report was reviewed.

Mr. Geyer made a motion to approve the employee leave request.  Mr. Parrett seconded the motion; motion carried, 3-0.

Mr. Parrett made a motion to approve Resolution 6-3-2019.  Mr. Geyer seconded the motion; motion carried, 3-0.


Ms. Robin Lankard asked about the EMS service, where it is located and what times it is running.  This opened a discussion on the matter.  Mr. John Anderson asked what the Township was doing to fill the gap in service and stated the response time is too slow.  He suggested the Supervisors meet with the SCI Forest employees union.  Mr. Carter stated it is more than just a money problem, that there is a lack of manpower to operate the EMS full time.  Mr. Anderson suggested the Township start a QRS.  Mr. Carter stated that is not something the Township would do, but would be willing to advertise a meeting for volunteers that want to start a QRS and asked Mr. Anderson to spearhead that work.

Mr. Ken Anderson discussed a culvert that needs cleaned and also a problem with a pothole.  He also asked if the Township was going to open roads to ATV’s.  The Supervisors stated that specific connecting roads will be opened when the ANF does their connecting trail.

Mr. Dan Zimmerman reported a filter screen is still in the grate at the sidewalk in front of his property on Route 66. 

Mr. John Shoup stated the flowers around town look nice.

Mr. Jim Hoffmann discussed that he heard that Forest County was going to add 1% increase to income tax for the EMS.  The Township had not heard about that.

Mr. Ed Stoner reported the Memorial Day yard sale was a success and will be held again next year.

Ms. Amber DelTorre stated the money brought in from the Tour de Forest could be put towards the trail and would hopefully get it opened for ATV’s.  Discussion regarding opening roads, pros & cons, followed. The Rails to Trails is not permitted to be open to motorized vehicles as per the purchasing agreement with Headwaters Inc. 

Mr. John Anderson asked if ATV’s would be permitted on Route 66.  No, it is not permitted as it is a State highway.

The Treasurer provided the following balances:

Trust Fund- Northwest Savings Bank – $ 872,410.18

General Fund – 117,363.78

Payroll Account – 38,367.05

Sinking Fund – 1,701,829.28

State Checking Account – 911.38

State Savings Account – 167,344.97

Fire Protection Account – 10,233.45


The Chairman adjourned the meeting at 6:15 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Misty D. Dittman, Secretary/ Treasurer