The Supervisor called the regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors to order at 5:00 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Those present at the meeting were as follows:

Kevin Carter, Chairman

Randall Parrett, Supervisor

Misty Dittman, Sec/Treas

Don Gawelski, WWTP

Ed Stoner

Roger Fitzgerald

Dan Zimmerman

Gary McCanna

Jackie Blose

Mr. Parrett made a motion to approve the minutes of the regular meeting held July 9, 2018.  Mr. Carter seconded the motion; motion carried, 2-0.

Mr. Carter made a motion to accept the report of the Treasurer, transfer funds to Payroll and pay the bills as listed.  Mr. Parrett seconded the motion; motion carried, 2-0.


Mr. Gawelski, WWTP, reported work completed at the plant.  He reported the dehumidifier is working and Rankin & Sons will be fixing floors as per The EADS Group design.  The new VFD at the VFW pump station was installed and the Cherry Street VFD will be fixed next week.  ROW’s have been mowed.  Work on manholes will start again.  Mr. Gawelski also discussed North Rock repairing a T on the line by Bettina’s.

Mr. Stoner reported many permits have been issued and he is following up on some.


The PSATS new bulletin and a judicial sale notice were reviewed.


The engineering report was reviewed and the Trail Project engineering agreement was received and will be reviewed.

The June 2018 WWTP report was reviewed.

Mr. Carter made a motion to approve a holding tank agreement.  Mr. Parrett seconded the motion; motion carried, 2-0.

Building permits were reviewed.

Mr. Carter made a motion to approve an excess maintenance agreement.  Mr. Parrett seconded the motion; motion carried, 2-0.

Employee leave requests were approved.

Mr. Carter made a motion and Mr. Parrett seconded it to purchase a new John Deere riding lawn mower with attachments at the low quote price of $19,561.  Motion carried, 3-0.

Mr. Carter made a motion to donate to an Eagle Scout project.  Mr. Parrett seconded the motion; motion carried, 2-0.

The Supervisors will look at and decide what action to take regarding an encroachment issue on the RR ROW.


Mr. Dan Zimmerman reported some trees in town that are dead.  Mr. Zimmerman asked where the T at Bettina’s was that needed fixed and if the Township was getting bids.  Mr. Carter explained bids were not needed for the amount of cost for the job.

Ms. Jackie Blose asked if the Forest County Business Alliance had responded to her request to do a community calendar. They have not.  Mr. Carter suggested an electric sign in the center of town to include all activities.  Another letter will be sent to the FCBA.  Ms. Blose discussed the problems with North Rock.  They did not give notice that they were starting, are not doing a proper job, have hit lines and moved survey stakes.  They didn’t install the fencing correctly and have ruined tress.  The Supervisors will review the work.

Mr. Gary McCanna asked if his basement drain will be connected to the new storm water pipe.  Mr. Carter told him it would be.

Mr. Roger Fitzgerald stated all work for the Township should be advertised and bid out.  He discussed the pipe at Patterson’s.  He discussed the storm water project and storm water in other areas of Marienville.  Mr. Fitzgerald also asked why the Township doesn’t have a direct deposit method of payment.  He was informed the accounting program is not compatible with the banking system.

The Treasurer provided the following balances:

Trust Fund- Northwest Savings Bank                   $ 863,675.80

General Fund                                   509,192.32

Payroll Account                                                      25,799.39

Sinking Fund                                                     1,306,133.66

State Checking Account                                             37.71

State Savings Account                                          182,124.33

Fire Protection Account                                           82,904.56

The Chairman adjourned the meeting at 6:05 pm.