January 6, 2020

The Supervisor called the reorganization and regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors to order at 6:00 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Those present at the meeting were as follows:

Gregory Geyer, Chairman Randall Parrett, Supervisor
Andy Spicer, Supervisor Misty Dittman, Sec/Treas
Ed Stoner Scott Dittman, WWTP
Dave Neill, The EADS Group John Shoup
Roger Fitzgerald Dan Zimmerman
Claudia Cecchetti Robin Corapi
Mike Gregory Rusty Guzik
John Baughman

Mr. Parrett made a motion to approve the minutes of the regular meeting held December 16, 2019. Mr. Spicer seconded the motion; motion carried, 3-0.

Mr. Parrett made a motion to accept the report of the Treasurer, transfer funds to the Payroll account and pay the bills as listed. Mr. Geyer seconded the motion; motion carried, 3-0.


Mr. Dave Neill, The EADS Group, presented a report. The trail and station projects will be bid this winter and will hopefully be completed by fall. The Pattison Flow Study will be completed in February.

Mr. Scott Dittman, WWTP, reported work completed at the treatment plant and pump stations including the manhole rehab job. The District 1 pump times are better since the rehab job, but still are high. The VFW water issue has been repaired. Mr. Dittman is working on getting prices for updating safety equipment. Mr. Parrett stated to gather all the information and it would be discussed at a safety committee meeting. Mr. Dittman stated Mr. Lewis is working on becoming a DEP preparer.

Mr. Ed Stoner discussed permits and stated he is working with Mr. Fantaskey to resolve outstanding issues. Mr. Stoner will begin reviewing the building ordinance so that it can be updated.

Mr. Geyer stated the new plow was finally delivered, but the truck is in the shop for a minor repair, covered under warranty.


Paperwork to update the Forest County Hazard Mitigation plan was received. The PSATS News Bulletin was received. Information on a PennDot construction conference and the USDA Millstone Creek project was reviewed. The fee schedule for Northwest Soil Services was received. A thank you from the Marienville Library was received.


The RAC grant proposal was discussed. The EADS Group and Supervisors will do a presentation February 21 for the grant in Warren.


Mr. Parrett made a motion to approve the building permits. Mr. Geyer seconded the motion; motion carried, 3-0.

Mr. Geyer made a motion to approve the employee leave request. Mr. Parrett seconded the motion; motion carried, 3-0.

Mr. Geyer made a motion to approve an Excess Maintenance Agreement. Mr. Spicer seconded the motion; motion carried, 3-0.

Mr. Geyer made a motion to approve the retainer agreement with The EADS Group. Mr. Parrett seconded the motion; motion carried, 3-0.

Mr. Geyer made a motion to approve removing Mr. Donald Gawelski from DEP license and reporting. Mr. Parrett seconded the motion; motion carried, 3-0.


Ms. Robin Corapi asked Mr. Neill about the trail and station projects and when they might be completed. The Trail grant is to be bid out in February, awarded late spring and hopefully completed by fall. Ms. Corapi also asked about the PennDot speed limit study. With the Revitalization meetings, an engineer was planning on doing a study. The Township can copy the report from PennDot if needed.

Mr. John Baughman asked if the RR ties will be removed from along the trail. They will not. Some will be placed differently so as to look better.

Mr. Roger Fitzgerald asked if the Supervisors were going to have junk cars cleaned up. They have had some removed in the past. Some cars placed in yards and not along the road may not fall under the ordinance.

Ms. Claudia Cecchetti discussed the Train Station project and all the work volunteers have done to date. People are anxious to continue working and she wondered what the timeline is for the project and what they can do now to continue. Mr. Neill stated that at this time, they should wait for the grant work to be completed, then come back and do the finishing touches. Ms. Cecchetti stated many volunteers are ready to work and donate time and also RR memorabilia. Mr. Geyer suggested they start a committee to work with the Township and to start getting it organized. Ms. Cecchetti suggested Kevin Carter be the head of the committee. She also had a concern about RR ties that have rebar sticking out of them by the station as well as a pile of extra bricks. Mr. Geyer will have the Township employees remove them. Ms. Corapi stated there is a grant available for printing of old pictures, restorations, etc.

Mr. Ed Stoner discussed the need for the RR committee as there has been a lot of confusion as to what work the volunteers should do and what falls under the grant.

The Treasurer provided the following balances:

Trust Fund- Northwest Savings Bank $ 878,683.79
General Fund 279,269.42
Payroll Account 23,425.39
Sinking Fund 1,582,801.81
State Checking Account 1,100.36
State Savings Account 90,843.52
Fire Protection Account 10,075.46

The Chairman adjourned the meeting at 7:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Misty D. Dittman, Secretary/ Treasurer